Sports Jargon – An Essential Part of Academic Content Standards

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Sports Jargon – An Essential Part of Academic Content Standards

Sports journalism is a style of reporting that reports on events pertaining to sports and sporting topics. Initially sports journalism began as a means of informing the elite social circles about matters relating to the sporting events and later evolved into a prominent element of the news media with many daily newspapers having sports sections. Sports journalism now covers a wide variety of topics related to sports, sport management and sports trends. The sports coverage often includes information regarding training camps and tournaments, latest on players and sports medicine, sports management, coaching and education and much more. Today sports journalism is regarded as a reputable profession in many countries around the world.

A few decades back sports news was almost unknown to the common man, but with the revolution of information technology sports news is easily accessible to a large number of people through the Internet. Now newspaper sports sections have been replaced by online websites which not only contain information on sports but also offer complete archive of sports articles written by well renowned authors. These online newspapers have sports sections devoted entirely to sports news. Many people who are enthusiastic about sports follow various online sports portals to get first hand information on any sports event.

The writing style used in sports news is different from that of other professional journalism. Much of this difference can be attributed to the increasing use of jargon in sports and society at large. There are many terms that are commonly used in sports news that have little or no meaning to the average person, hence the need for a vocabulary that is both broad and detailed. Sports jargon helps to communicate the complexity of the subject in an understandable manner to sports enthusiasts and non-fans. The language arts used in sports news are also of a highly specialized nature that require both wide reading skills and an intimate knowledge of both the written and spoken language.