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Sports news is not only for the sports journalists that cover it, but also for the people that are following the sport. Take Tiger Woods for example, he may be a golfing superstar, but he can’t do anything without the media. The fact that people want to be up to date with sports news is why there is so much sports writing available. Sports journalists will write about any event that is taking place no matter how trivial the nature of the event may be. Whether you are watching the U.S. Open or the Winter Olympics, if there is something happening it will be covered.

Some of the best sports stories are the ones written from the point of view of the sport’s fans. This is especially true when it comes to writing about the events leading up to and including the first half of a grand tournament. Many sports writers have been around long enough to be able to pick up on and report on any kind of news story that becomes notable in the second half of an event. Whether it is Michael Jordan announcing his retirement, Chris Paul is moving to Houston, or Billy Ray Cyrus’ induction into the Hall of Fame, the sports fan that follows their team and/or players will be able to read about it first hand in the sports paper.

Sports journalism in the twenty-first century has evolved into much more than just a form of sports reporting, as many sports journalists find that they can develop a whole new career by focusing their skills in a totally different area. Some sports journalists find that they can make as much money playing soccer as they did playing baseball, football, or basketball. There are even a few journalists who have been successful enough to go onto to play professional sports for cash.