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Sports news is a type of reporting that reports on events pertaining to sports and sporting subjects. Sports journalism began in the late 1800s when it initially was aimed at the higher social elite and evolved into a major component of the media business with the creation of large-scale newspapers with dedicated sports departments. In most countries, television stations also broadcast sports events. Today, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to providing updated news on sports. These websites are essentially the modern version of the sports magazines and newspapers that first began.

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There are a variety of challenges associated with sports journalism, which begin with covering sports events themselves and progressing to more specialized areas such as coverage of individual athletes or sports teams. Sports journalists have to cover not only sports events but also any topic which are related to sports and the people who live and play them, including sportscasters, coaches, players, and teams. The first step towards a successful career in sports news is to gain experience as a sports journalist, which can be obtained by working at a university or other institution that hires sports reporters and interns. In many cases, aspiring sports journalists will be required to attend a training camp in order to improve their skills.

Sports Journalism in New York is among the most highly-paid professions in the media industry. The profession has become especially competitive in recent years because of the explosive growth of professional sports franchises in the Big Apple. In New York, sports coverage is almost always behind the scenes because the vast amount of time that sportswriters devote to sports reporting work often requires an extremely sharp mind and skill set. For example, sports journalists in New York are typically required to cover multiple different sports for the single season.