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Sports news is a form of reporting that reports on events pertaining to sports related topics. Sports journalism began in the late 1800s when it initially was geared to the elite social elite and then transitioned to a part of the public media business with daily newspapers having devoted sports sections. Sports news today is one of the most popular forms of reporting for online newspapers as well as other mainstream print publications. The advent of cable sports channels such as ESPN has also helped to fuel the growth of sports journalism.

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Today sports journalism is not just about reporting on sports. As mentioned before, there are many magazines that have dedicated sports sections that are highly critical of various athletes and teams. However, within this sub-field of sports journalism, there is great debate over whether sports reporting should be primarily about sports teams or a broader focus on individual athletes and teams. Many professional sports leagues have come under fire for the bias of their coverage in regards to team and league.

Additionally, some sports coverage in the media has been critically slanted in favor of certain sports. This includes recent major sports events such as the Olympics Games, which has given the media outlets that report on the athletes and events significant sway in terms of how they are reporting and shape the coverage. Therefore, it seems to be that sports journalists and the sports reporting business are determined more by the sports stars that they cover than the story that they are reporting. Therefore, it seems likely that in the future sports coverage may become more about opinion than facts.