Sports News from December 1st – Getting Ready for the Fiesta Bowl

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Sports News from December 1st – Getting Ready for the Fiesta Bowl

Sports news is a written form of reporting on matters relating to sports and athletic events. Sports journalism began in the late 1800s when it first was aimed at the elite social elite and gradually progressed to become a key element of the media business with several newspapers having dedicated sports categories. Today, sports related coverage forms an enormous portion of the newspaper industry as well as being featured in numerous television news programs.

Several sports have enjoyed sustained growth and recognition over the past few decades, especially football, which has enjoyed a level of success unmatched by any other sport. In December, Ohio State University’s football team will play in the College Football playoff championship game. Ohio State has been a consistent top team the past few years and is expecting to defeat Oklahoma State in this year’s championship game. The win will solidify OSU as a legitimate national power and put the College Football world on alert for what could be a blockbuster season between the Buckeyes and the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. There are many other sports that can be covered in December, including college basketball, college baseball, wrestling, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and several other popular sports.

Sports reporters in major outlets like ESPN and the AP regularly cover the College Football playoff. While some critics have argued that the general public does not have enough interest or desire to follow college football, there are numerous outlets who devote significant portions of each day to discussing and analyzing every relevant game. With so much riding on a single game, there is very little doubt that ESPN and the AP will continue to provide substantial coverage of the most important games.