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Sports journalism is a style of writing which reports on events pertaining to sports and sporting topics. Sports journalism began in the late 1800s when sports was primarily targeted to the upper class and progressed gradually into a mainstream part of the newspaper industry with newspapers having dedicated sports segments for several years. This gradually changed into sports reporting, which continued to focus more on the sporting events. Nowadays, sports coverage has become more balanced as it is also reported by commentators and other media outlets aside from sports publications.

A typical sports news podcast will feature interviews with leading figures in sports that give their insights and commentaries. These podcasts are aimed at providing updated news, reports, and analysis about current events, upcoming events, and sports trends. The most popular type of weekly podcast hosted by the popular sports networking site The Athletic Network is the United Podcast (ubs) where each week a different panelist is selected to host a new sports news podcast. The United Podcast features a wide range of guests including sportscasters from around the world and members of the sports media.

New England Patriots’ Mark McGwire is the newest person to join the ranks of athletes that have been profiled on a daily basis by podcasts. He is considered to be one of the greatest competitors of all time in his sport, baseball. Earlier this year he was profiled on a weekly sports podcast that was specifically dedicated to sportsmen and sportswomen. Mark McGwire not only dominated his sport, but also dominated the baseball season, winning the world series championship in dramatic fashion.